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If you haven’t checked out these PEMCO ads, you’re missing out. They poke fun at Pacific Northwest stereotypes.

I identify with the Goosebumped Beach Bum. My hubby identifies with the Relentless Recycler.

PEMCO is a local auto/home insurance company. I don’t use them, personally, but I like their style.

Neat volunteer opportunity from the USGS

Unfortunately, it’s only for a few select areas, but if you’re in California or up here in the Pacific Northwest, you might be able to get in on a fascinating research project.


The USGS is trying to get individuals in certain areas to volunteer to have seismographs placed in their homes or businesses. The main requirement is a WiFi connection.

From the website:

The USGS is trying to achieve a denser and more uniform spacing of seismographs in select urban areas to provide better measurements of ground motion during earthquakes. These measurements improve our ability to make rapid post-earthquake assessments of expected damage and contribute to the continuing development of engineering standards for construction.

To accomplish this, we developed a new type of digital seismograph that communicates its data to the USGS via the internet. The seismographs connect to a local network via WiFi and use existing broadband connections to transmit data after an earthquake. The instruments are designed to be installed in private homes, businesses, public buildings and schools with an existing broadband connection to the internet.

I am a geologist who works in construction on the engineering side of things, I was really excited about this news and volunteered as quickly as I heard. If you can, sign up!